Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What The Hell Wednesday, Indeed.

  1. What is the scariest person you have seen in Wal-Mart? - I tend to be the scary one there. Heading in post Rocky-Horror of a Saturday midnight, etc.
  2. Are you superstitious? Name something that you believe or that you can’t believe others believe. - I'm all about some salt-over-the-shoulder, knock-wood, etc. OCD as much as superstitious, though.
  3. What is your favorite old timey candy? i.e. candy corn etc - I love those dots stuck to paper, where you can't quite get all the paper off the back. What're those called? CANDY BUTTONS!!!! Yeah. Those guys.
  4. What was one of the homemade costumes you have worn. - All my costumes are homemade. My favorite was my mermaid one that my mom made me when I was small. It was gorgeous green metallic fabric for the tail.... totally pre-Ariel, too.
  5. Did you ever play tricks on anyone during Halloween? - In 3rd grade a friend & I wrote an anonymous, horrid, spooky note to this girl in class we didn't like, about how on Halloween a unicorn with a bloody hand would get her. She gave it to the lunchroom monitor with a lazy eye who was her aunt, who gave it to our teacher who was wearing a long cardigan with patch pockets. The note ended up in one of the pockets, slightly sticking out, and I filched it on the pretense of walking up to her to ask to go to the bathroom, where I tore it up into a million little pieces and threw it away. I was so overcome with guilt that I spent that whole night throwing up & didn't go to school the next day.
  6. If the world was to end like in some horror movies how would it end? Zombies? Crazy virus? - Attack of the 50-Foot Woman style, obviously.
  7. What was your/or someone else’s worst thrown together costume? - I dunno, I always do costumes very well. I guess the black lace leggings, red sequin bra, antique sword, plastic eyepatch pirate year was a bit dodgy, but I still won a costume contest with it.
  8. Did you go to alot of houses to get candy or just get enough candy and go home. - Come on? "Enough candy?" Are you fucking serious?
  9. What do you hate most about Halloween? - When it's over.
  10. What do you miss today that you had in the past Halloweens? - America. England is NOT DOIN IT RITE quite yet.
  11. Do you think kids costumes are better now or then? - There's so much more range and creativity with ideas these days, but I think execution was better in the past. Too much storebought crap these days.
  12. What would you do if you woke up and you were the only person left…everyone else was gone (like in the twilight zone episode) - Only person left? Does that mean I still have my kitty? I'd miss my husband like a motherfucker, but my kitty would be a great consolation. We would go looting and rioting and running around and then we would come home and cry a lot and I would probably take a lot of pills and it would assure the cat of a few meals until I got too rotten.
  13. What is your favorite Halloween creep? - Jack The Ripper was quite a creep, wasn't he? ;)


  1. I have eaten tons of candy in my life but I have never had candy dots. How sad is that?

  2. freakin awesome unicorn story...that was

    candy dots are okay...i still prefer my milkdud...that just about take your teeth out