Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blogtoberfest, you say? Day The First.

Fine. I'll do it.
I have successfully guilted myself into signing up. Gooooo me! \o/
Today I am mailing a letter to President Obama thanking him for sticking it to student loan companies. I'll go do that in a sec. Also I shall be picking up my increased-dosage-sized-antidepressants.

Now, though, I think I'll just post a picture of the scarf section I was on about yesterday.

No, it's not the most elegant thing, it's not super pretty. But it was therapeutic and it has a point. And I love it a little. Also it was the very first time I've properly used any of my handspun, that blue along 2 edges.... It's pretty special.

Also today I have vowed to dye my hair. It's been way too long, it's almost totally natural colored, which frightens me. I've been too depressed lately to really do anything but the most basic taking-care-of-myself things. Which, unfortunately, does not include eating.

Shit, this is a downer.

I really am feeling somewhat better, just knowing that I'm on a higher dose and that things will eventually begin to look up.

I think when I get home from the pharmacy & post office, and after I dye my hair, I will probably continue work on my neon pink & rainbow Super Saver boobholder. It has adorable puffy sleeves. I've gotten kind of stymied on my Wrist Warmer Cocoon Shrug. The pattern is simply too vague and.... well.... not actually a pattern. I'll figure something out, I just can't take the anxiety right now.

Today is my daddy's 58th birthday.

He is ripped and I'm not sure when that happened.
He's also pretty much my hero.

That is all.

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