Friday, 2 October 2009

Blog, Bitch! Day The Second.

That's how I'm reminding myself about this. Bookmark Toolbar ftw.
Check out my awesome Mario Firefox theme, too.

I really was terribly productive yesterday, by my current sucking-well-of-depression standards.
My hair didn't come out as vivid as I'd like, but I do feel more like myself now that I'm a bit more garishly plumed.

I accidentally dipped my camera cord in a cup of tea recently, so I can't take very good pictures at the moment. Sorry. A new one's on the way.

Speaking of tea... I really need to find some money somewhere to order some more Gunpowder Green from Adagio. I'm not a massive fan of green tea; I love it, I drink it lots, but I know some people are real gourmands about it. I'm not. I don't like it too strong, and I always tend to scorch the leaves by pouring the water over it too soon. But I got a sample of Gunpowder recently & on the website they suggested mixing it with peppermint tea & lots of sugar to make a Moroccan Mint blend.

Holy fucking wow.

It's like.... headache relief, tension calming, happiness in a cup. And I've got about one more cup's worth from my sample. Boo.

Today I'll work on my boobholder some more, I really wish I had my proper camera, it's looking SO cute but I've already found out the webcam does not show it off well at all. Tonight, however, I'll probably switch over to my sadly neglected Love Bites scarf, inspired by True Blood. Season 1 finale tonight, over here.

Being behind on American shows causes problems. There is a spoiler right at the very start of the scarf pattern, for one. *facedesk*

I'm making the scarf in black. There are tons of GORGEOUS True Blood-inspired hand-dyed yarns out there, but I can't buy anything ever again. So it's black. Black as the darkest demon soul, or whatevs. Because, say it with me, boys and girls...
Vampires Don't Fucking Sparkle.

It may take me ages to finish the scarf, it's a little repetitive for my current knitting tastes, and there's not really any big payoff til you can drop the ladders at the end, which will be AWESOMELY FUN, but just seems so far off right now.

Tomorrow Weezie is coming over, I think. We're gonna watch Sound of Music and knit. I may get her to help me puzzle out that cocoon shrug I mentioned, I need an in-person knitter's opinion, the internet is as conflicted over it as I am, apparently.

Now I'm gonna watch Spongebob.

Poverty and depression are so boring.
I'm sorry.


  1. damn striaght vampires don't fucking sparkle!
    good luck with Blogtoberfest (that mario theme is fuckin fantabulous!)

  2. hey you :)
    making my way through some blogtoberfest blogs :)
    i LOVE this scarf pattern and its in my queue