Saturday, 3 October 2009

Day The Third. Gifts.

This is gonna be short. There's a Spongebob marathon on and Weezie's coming over.

Yesterday I found out my maybe decade-long internet friend Jessica had received a package from me that I sent across the pond awhile ago.

She is ever so blessed as to have gotten married recently & is knocked up. (jealous)

She loves stars.

She saw a star baby blanket I made for a friend-of-my-inlaws' premature baby boy, who is home now and doing wonderfully well. Jessica knits, but can't crochet. She was bummed about this. So *OBVIOUSLY* I instantly resolved to make one for the bun in her (exceptionally beautiful) oven.

And seeing as she'd recently gotten hitched, I couldn't just send something for the bun, there had to be something for the bride.

I got a google chat message yesterday calling me all sorts of wonderful, with lots of <3 shapes and I was so pleased it arrived & that she likes it.

Someday I want to meet her for reals. And her baby and her husband. She is a wonderful, beautiful, strong woman who has amazed and fascinated me for ever so long, and I wish her as much wonderful happiness in her marriage as I have found in mine.

And I hope some of her baby-luck rubs off on me. ;)

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  1. I love you mostest, dear heart.

    It's beautiful and waiting for Little Miz InUtero to make her appearance in February.