Monday, 19 October 2009

Faith in humanity: RESTORED!!!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Evening.
Stranger: afternoon.
You: Do you know what hand turkeys are?
Stranger: fuck yeah.
You: SWEET!!!!! I was losing faith in humanity. Nobody knows what they are, did nobody go to kindergarten?!?!
Stranger: i know right?!
Stranger: like seriously we made them around thanksgiving every year until like 3rd grade
You: Exactly. I made one today & my husband was all "A HAND CHICKEN!" I was so disappointed.
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: its not a chicken
Stranger: its a fucking turkey
You: I know, it's obviously a turkey. He's British though, so he hasn't really had Thanksgiving, but still...
Stranger: chickens dont have giant tails
Stranger: damn brits lol
You: I know, what can you do? I was powerless against his accent.
Stranger: hahahahahaha
Stranger: yeah one of my profs is from britain
You: Nice.
Stranger: he busts on all the prior enlisted guys ehre
Stranger: theyll have a stack of ribbons and hell start calling them genreal
Stranger: *general
You: Heh. I've been here 3 years and I still most of the time feel all, "WTF BRITISH??!!?"
Stranger: lmao
Stranger: personally i like british spelling better
You: I hate it when I read a book by an American author, though, & it's been "translated" into British. I'm sorry, but Stephen King did NOT write about Christine's "boot" or "bonnet."
Stranger: lol. harry potter books got translated into american
Stranger: so it evens out
You: Yeah, don't like that much either. :D I think things are fine just the way they are.
Stranger: yeah
You: The extra Us and RE instead of ER throw me off in crossword puzzles though.
Stranger: id imagine
Stranger: youre there like fuck it should be this but theres on extra space
You: Exactly.
Stranger: and then someone show you the answer and you feel like an idiot
You: And occasionally someone'll send me an American puzzle book and I'll have to re-adjust again. God, I sound like a loser. I just really fucking like crosswords. :D
Stranger: hhahaha
Stranger: well, im gonna go try n get my whole platoon to make hand turkeys and stick them on our staff sergeants door.
Stranger: nice talking to you though
Stranger: XD
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I so hope this happens.

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