Sunday, 11 October 2009

Bored now.

You know. That google thing where you type in "[your name] is" (or variations) and you get funny answers?
I don't. My name is Patience. I get platitudes. If I use Patience Ann, I get weirdly puncutated things about Anns.

Let's play anyway, with that and a few of my other various names, online & otherwise. I can't focus on my knitting right now. It's just not working for me at the moment. Perhaps it's the whole having-to-use-2-row-counters thing. Yeah. That kind of pattern. Sheesh. Could also be the fact that it's nearly bedtime & I've been running all day on 4 hours of sleep.

Anyway. Let's get our meme on.

Patience is...
  • not easy. (if only that had been true in college...)
  • rewarded in a thoroughly backhanded fashion.
  • not my style.
  • no longer being tested. (I wish)
  • a free game of logic using dominos.
Patience Ann is...
  • an average North American woman on the edge. (heh.)
  • wearing mourning clothes and I suspect the picture was taken to capture the wonderful handiwork of her outfit
  • coming home to be married," she said in a tone of triumph.
Patience wants...
  • you to know that I'm waiting for you to share a moment of your time with me.
  • to protect her daughter (Genevieve/Brenda) from the thorns of life. (I was unaware I had a dual-named daughter)
  • everything instantly, but that's not the way God designed things. (alas)
  • everyone to know that she thinks khaki is monumentally dull and wouldn't wear anything khaki even if it was the last item on the clothes rack
  • to push and doesn't take the time to listen.
  • the money and the bars.
  • to buy you on Hotties for Sale. (Yes. Yes I do.)
  • to keep her ex-lover's heart. (in a jar)
  • to grow in you (I'm a parasite.)
  • to flap it wings to bring freshness and a new presence i try not to run out of patience but i have learn't not to wait until it doesn't (LOLWUT)

Millarca is...
  • a DJ. (I spin the phat beatz, yo)
  • liked in Anarch circles, and the Creoles think she has potential.
  • trying to work her way into Madame Marguerite's entourage. (that sounds hot.)
  • not listening to anyone. (*LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOOOOOU*)
  • a bit longer in the French version
  • a character I used to level with Giotroll and Giza, brother and friend, when we rerolled on Khadgar. (again, I ask you: LOLWUT)
  • an intersex writer, performer and poet
  • a little bit younger than her, and is albino.

P'an is...
  • a Chinese compass derived from the teachings of the I-Ching
  • finite for some value »o of n (hence, by b, for all n ^ «v).
  • non-empty
  • a recognized business authority on the Pacific Rim (RECOGNIZE, BITCHES)
  • a bowl containing the key to the mysteries of the universe. (Yes. This.)
  • the probability of the existence of a knot-tube
  • the pressure required to produce a given state of anesthesia (Oh god, I'm that boring??)
  • the only way to get to a new, rich feeding ground.
  • ara g:aúv: p:it:a hò. eks:i kñ el:O raðk n:hiø; es:fü y:ð b:dn:s:ib: n:hiø B:r s:kt:ð. g:øg:i ka ev:dÓaðhi edl: erv:aj:i p:ab:endy:aðø (I don't know about you, but I really feel that one is the most accurate)
  • quite small.
HarleenQuinzel is...
  • on a distinguished road
  • not available for private Alchemy requests.
  • scared of robots (YES. They are STOMPLY AND METAL AND OMG)

That'll do, pig. Back to the wristwarmers I go.

But not before I give you something for your eyes to chew on:


  1. Ingrid is: 'getting ready for her annual holiday hop!'

    Inny is: 'a river in Ireland'

    Well, I didn't know that til now...

  2. re: Millarca, and the character on Khadgar.

    ...Warcraft player.

    More specifically, this Warcraft player:


  3. Many Millarcas.

    None are mine.