Saturday, 24 October 2009


I have put the Xmas knitting on hold for awhile, as I need to whip something lovely out for Hub's grandmother's birthday. It's not for a little while longer but she's coming up from Wales this weekend for a joint b-day do with Hub's sister, who gets the kokeshi.

I decided on one of these (pdf link, sorry) in some frankly GORGEOUS Rowan Tapestry soy blend that was intended for a My So Called Scarf for my FIL last year that got pwned by MIL saying he had too many scarves already. I sulked over that, as I know he'd've loved it anyway and then the cat got into the yarn so I only have a ball & a half left, blah blah blah, you know how it goes. Anyway, this photo doesn't do the colors justice. Moorland, it's called. It's blues and tawnies and greys and is just totally lush.

So the capelet for MIL is on hiatus til after I finish emergency birthday present knitting, as is the Lacy Karius (sorry again, Rav link this time) I started for myself (I got fed up with having *no* selfish knitting on the go!) with my latest PhatFiber winnings from Calizona Designs.

And today in the mail I got the most beautiful gift ever from the beauteous Carry, some yarn from in a colorway that pretty much exactly matches my kitty.

It has her white bib and socks, and her fluffsome tawny belly, and her tigery black stripes, and her magical gradient of greys. I'm gonna spread it out among small projects for the people who love her best. Socks for my husband, a headband for me, and maybe even a little mousie to match her for her dear unclecat Arnie who tolerates her so stoically when the little upstart goes to visit her grandma & grandpa!

goddammit, mommy. i'z tryin to SLEEP. goway.

Lately she is overly juicy and leaky from her facehole. She's been drooling a lot, but showing absolutley no other signs of illness or being off at all. We've got her a *whisper-spells V-E-T* appointment Monday morning to have a peek round the inside of her mouth and stuff.

Fingers crossed it's nothing. <3


  1. The scarf with the embellishment is gorgeous, and that yarn is super. How does the Rowan tapestry feel? I have never seen it 'in real life' but it always makes the most gorgeous 'F/Os'.

    The Knitivity yarn is gorgeous - looking forward to seeing the things you make with it. I am still working on the thumb of my skull mittens. I am so slow :o(

  2. The Rowan Tapestry is a leeeeetle skritchy, I think. Owen doesn't think so & he's super picky about wool. Maybe I'm just overly princessy.

  3. Owen has his own face-wool to counteract any scratchiness, though :oP Perhaps t will soften up with a wash? I have knit some truly scratchy wools before and a drop of fabric conditioner in some warm water brings them out lovely - I find especially s with Rowan wools, it's as though they have some kind of fabric dressing on them.

    Do you enjoy blocking things? It's lovely if you do as it gives yo a reason to soak in some fabric conditioned water and then wait to unpin them. I blog everything because I love the process so much, but then I am 84% mad.

  4. I have blocked exactly one thing ever and I stretched it over a railing with thumbtacks. I don't have room to block stuff, so I just never do. :/