Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Day The Twentieth. Sooper Sekrits.

I took a break from Christmas knitting today to crochet something which I will tell you about Thursday or afterwards. Here is a hint:

Mostly I have been working on a little lacy capelet for my mother-in-law:

(photo got husband-bombed)

And I'm not sure I posted the finished mitts for my sister-in-law:

Today I got my latest Phat Fiber winnings!!!! SQUEE!!! They are nommy.

Also Weezie sent me some of that lush jasmine tea I mentioned earlier OMG. She is so best. She is surely my bosom friend.

Hm. Reading over this, it seems like I like to bite things.

Actually the only time I ever got in trouble at school (read: ever got caught) was for biting a dude. I was 17 and a senior in high school. There had been a fire drill and we were all flooding back in. This big dude who must've been a freshman or he'd've already known me and known not to fuck with me, knocked me down, scattered my books, and walked on, laughing at me. I gathered myself, kept lemming-ing back to class, and found myself walking just behind him. He looked over his shoulder, at one point, saw the little freak girl behind him who he'd knocked down, and decided to fuck with me some more. He stopped short, on purpose, to provoke.... something. Who knows? Anyway, instead of slamming into him as was his plan, I bit him hard as a motherfucker on the back of his shoulder. He turned around and slammed me into a locker. We both got suspended for fighting for one week, despite the fact that the 2 friends I was walking with had not actually seen me bite him at all, and insisted I was innocent. They seriously thought that, because I am a stealthninja. Anyway, I was devastated and figured my parents would disown me. My mom was very consoling and mommish, but waiting for my dad to get home was some of the worst anxiety I've ever had. He got home. I told him what had happened, sobbing the whole time, scared to death. He looked at me for a few seconds in that dad way and very sternly said: "Next time, you shouldn't take the law into your own mouth." And we all rofled and each of my parents took a day off work the next week to hang out with me and take me shopping and stuff. It was pretty great.

I'm not a big fan of purple cabbage.

Keep that shit out my salad, bitch.

I dunno, today I've just felt incredibly small and vulnerable. I think a migraine is starting.

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