Sunday, 18 October 2009

No, you know what, you get another meme.

At least I've had my antidepressants upped recently. Anyway, this looked too fun.
Sunday Stealing, The ABCs of Meme:

A- Advocate for:
Align CentreMarriage equality.

B- Best Feature:
My lips.

C- Could do without:
My period.

D- Dreams and desires:
I want to be back in Idaho.

E- Essential items:
I go into anxiety attacks if I don't have some on me at all times.

F- Favorite past time:

G- Good at:

H- Have never tried:
Killing hookers.

I- If I had a million dollars:
Oh, the yarn I would buy....

J- Junkie for:

K- Kindred spirit:

L- Little known fact:
This is too hard. I put everything out there. I don't believe in "guilty pleasures" or the like. I'm very open and I am very proud of that fact, whether people agree with me or not.

M- Memorable moment:
'Nuff said.

N- Never again will I:
Try to make anything stretchy out of chenille

O- Occasional indulgence:
Jasmine #12 from Adagio. All I have is a stupidly expensive sample tin. It's mindblowingly gorgeous.

P- Profession:

Q- Quote:-- Z-Man Barzell, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

R- Reason to smile:

S- Sorry about:
Potentially closing ranks & circling the wagons. If I can get away without doing it, I will.

T- Things you are worrying about right now:
Family stuff.

U- Uninterested in:
Ted Bundy

V- Very scared of:
The dark.

W- Worst habits:
Attention seeking behavior.

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot:
You can take the girl out of the South, but....

Y- Yummiest dessert:

Z- Zodiac sign:

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