Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day The Sixth. Crossing It Up.

This morning I finished my BAT!!!

Then I settled in for a marathon Animal Crossing catch-up. I hadn't played in nearly 2 weeks. Yeah, I'm *that* OCD, instead of dealing with the weeds and the loss of my beautiful hybrid flowers, I will set the calendar back and play every day to make it up.

Thanks, Mathilda! For sharing, AND for caring.

The last of the good end-of-summer fishing.

Watering my little garden of mostly hybrids. One of the main reasons I can't resist setting the calendar back when I miss awhile.

Serena is such a bitch. My husband got a silver axe like, the second day we had the fountain. I've gotten SQUAT out of her. Stupid dog.

Hey there, Chester.

Not showing off the cricket so much as my AWESOME SILVER NET!!!!!

Aaaaand, finally, my veggie basket that Tortimer gave me for the Autumn Moon festival.

That took my entire day. Now I'm going to have some smoked salmon, edmame, peas, new potatoes, and spinach all drenched in lemon juice. Then I have a new lsg traveling scarf to start, hooray!

Also in the mail I got a wonderful package of awesomeness from one of my friends. It included VIBRATING MASCARA FTW! And some epically gorgeous Noro Lily. I've never seen the like. I am still debating what to do with it.

I'm planning my Christmas knitting. Most people've already started theirs. I don't even know if I'll be able to afford the yarn for what I want.
So far I plan to make my FIL a pair of convertible mittens, perhaps with cabled trees on them, MIL may get a little cardi of some sort, she's VERY TINY, so it wouldn't take ever too much yarn. SIL's birthday actually is the end of this month, she's getting a crocheted Kokeshi, and then for Christmas I'm thinking some arm warmers, Fetchings or similar. For her boyfriend probably a scarf with mittens attached. And for my BIL, I'm totally seeing him in a hat with ear flaps. Haven't settled on a pattern yet.

These are all total pipe dreams so far. I mean.... I could make everything from Super Saver, but then I wouldn't have any left for myself and I'd rather do a little bit better by my lovely British inlaws.

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