Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Day The Thirteenth. I would ask my driver to help you, but he detests physical labor.

This is a sock for a dog.

Barney is my husband's office dog. Barney has a sock that he loves very much. I thought I should knit him a spare. Barney's people-mommy is gonna have a people-baby. I don't want him feeling neglected. I love Barney very much. He is a little barrel of love.

Barney has a theme song. Barney-dog, Barney-dog, smells like a toilet & he looks like a frog!
I disagree on both counts, but it's a funny song.

I'm really going to try & work on those Della Mitts today. I just can't get motivated about them past the purl welts. It was great up until the lace ribbing which I just find tedious. I have put on my ultimate comfort movie, Silence of the Lambs. I've also busted out the space heater for the first time this year. Ahhh, the stink.

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