Thursday, 8 October 2009

Day The Eighth. Knitting For Other People. And bonus hotness.

Last night I finished my section of the next LSG traveling scarf.

It's for the only boy in my group. I was aiming for manly & regal. It's a dark green chenille under that quilting stitch, and in real life it's quite plush & lovely.

Then I started a crocheted kokeshi doll for my sister-in-law's birthday later this month. I made a couple for my friends Mimi & Louise awhile ago & they love them. I hope Meg enjoys hers. She has a small collection of store-bought ones. I hope this just doesn't come across as a cheap get-out gift. She can be a tad unsentimental. :)
And she has a pretty little iridescent leaf bead hair ornament:

Then, this afternoon.... I officially started my Christmas knitting.

The rest of that green chenille is going to be a pair of these for said sister-in-law. I hope they come out as cushy and lush as they are in my imagination.

While I worked today, I watched Operation Petticoat. Tony Curtis may have pretty eyes, but I've never really seen the great attraction, especially when he's standing next to Cary Grant, who may be the perfect man. My grama agreed, when I emailed her and mentioned what I was watching - "Cary Grant - a dreamboat! Tony Curtis - nothing very special." Good taste runs in my family.

Let's have some gratuitous eye candy, shall we?

Wait a second!!! Gregory Peck?!? How'd your fine, broody ass get up in there? Oh well, this is me not complaining.

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