Monday, 12 October 2009

Day The Twelfth. Floundering.

Today I am down, dreary, ill, and uninspired. Tomorrow is my one-week anniversary with this horrible headache. I am hoping for gifts.

My body is a disgusting, awkward parasite of my actual self, that I have to keep feeding pills to hold it (barely) together or else it will revolt and take the actual me down with it.

Here are some things I heart on the internet:
My husband.
Little Savages 3.
The fucking weather.
The Wunderkammer.
This little boy:

This necklace. (one week anniversary gift, hint, hint, headache!)
Comparing Meerkats.
Sweet Libertine Cosmetics.
The only thing that actually works.
Mystery Google.
This pumpkin.
Hawtness. I dream of being on there one day.

I am floundering.

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