Sunday, 11 October 2009

Day The Eleventh. Associate.

Unconscious Mutterings:
  1. My treat :: thank you!
  2. Bell :: book, and candle
  3. Five :: is alive
  4. You’re crazy! :: usually.
  5. Disgust :: Dannii Minogue
  6. Tempest :: Ariel
  7. Bummer :: dude
  8. Brim :: full
  9. Hose :: pipe
  10. Lollipop :: stick

Turns out I'm not the only calendar girl in the family! My brother is Mister September in the fundraising calendar to get lights in the skate park in my family's tiny town in Idaho! He's a lanky goggle-eyed freak.

And, lest we forget, & because I am an attention hoar, let's revisit how AWESOME I was as Miss Februrary in the LSG NSFW knitting calendar this year!

Today I shall work on what I have finally settled on for SIL's Christmas fingerless gloves! Della Mitts! (Rav link, sorry everybody else)
I'm doing them in gorgeous "Taffy" sock yarn, Patons Stretch Socks.

I'm not looking forward to starting the PITA thumb gusset. God, gusset is a horrible word.


  1. I can't believe that you and I matched on Bell...

    I Muttered! Come on over if you can find time. My permalink to the answers this week is HERE

  2. Disgust :: Dannii Minogue love to know why???

    That pretty much explains why Ddaannii is on my shitlist forever. :)