Friday, 30 October 2009



My favorite day of the entire whole huge year!!!

I carved some punkins.

My MIL paid my kitty's vet bill last week in return for me bringing a carved punkin to her house.
I did her a classic triangle-face jack-o-lantern with spooky fangs.

And I carved our other 2 for... personal use. Here is El Posho, he has a fine mustahche and a monocle and says things like "cheerio WOT WOT!"

And my husband had the idea to do a cute little simple kawaii-face, so he is executive producer of the other punkin:

I'm pretty pleased with them all, really. Sadly, we're not really doing anything Halloweeny. We have to drive up to the inlaws' for a combo birthday of my sister-in-law & grandmother-in-law, for whom I made the kokeshi & flower scarflette, repsectively. I put up a few more decorations around the house and I have a spooky-casual outfit to wear, & I've done my nails orange & black. I mean, I'm in the Halloween spirit all year round, but still. I wish there was more Halloween culture in the UK. I cooked the punkin seeds with my daddy's secret recipe and will bring some along to the inlaws, who probably won't like them, as the UK also has a ridiculous aversion to salt.

This is the last day of Blogtoberfest, I'm sure you're all relieved. I've had a really good time, even on days when it's felt like a stretch. Thank you, TinnieGirl, for renewing my love of blogging. I won't be keeping it up every day, but I'll try & do better than I did before this month. You know I can't stay away from the memes, you'll prolly have one or two before the day is out. ;)

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  1. Excellent pumpkins!! I would soooo love to spend Halloween in the states it's almost become an obsession :D
    I have a friend from Michigan who told me about roasting pumpkin seeds. I tried them and I LOVE them ♥