Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Day The Fourteenth. Boobie Wednesday!!!

Happy Boobie Wednesday!!!

Have some pirate Hallo-Boobies!

I would like to thank Pirate Queen Bunny of Build-A-Bear origins for donating her accessories to the cause. And why, yes, I did thread the parrot's elastic loop through my nipple ring to get it to stay on. COMMITMENT, I has.

In other news, Barney LOVES his sock!

And now for What The Hell Wednesday:
1. Are you a stay at home sick one or are you a take it to work and spread the fun?
If I *did* work, I'd stay home. I'm a big stay-at-homer. It's important. You'll get well sooner & keep other people from getting sick. (mostly I'm awfully lazy)
2. Are you a big baby when you get sick? Or do you have someone in your life that is a bigger baby that expects you to take care of them?

I try to not be a baby about it, but yeah, if my husband & I are sick at the same time, my sickness definitely goes to the back burner. He gets man-sick. :)
3. Do you think you have a sick personality? (take that anyway u want)
Sick is relative.
4. What do you think about mandated flu shots?
Better than withholding them from people who need them.
5. Are you terrified or tired of hearing about the h1n1 aka swine flu?
Tired of hearing about it. Definitely.
6. What is the sickest thing you have ever seen?
Probably a beached whale carcass that'd been there for a pretty long while.
7. Would you let a student nurse take care of you? why or why not?
Of course. They've been to way more medical school than I have.
8. Have you ever called in sick when you weren’t sick? why?
Erm.... Probably? I don't know, actually. Like I said, sick is relative. I have mental health and chronic pain issues, I can always call in sick.
9. What is the worst i am not coming in today… excuse have you heard someone use?
Don't know, I've never been in a position to hear people's excuses...
10. What is one thing that you can think of that make you sick to your stomach?
I have an unusually strong stomach for things most people get grossed out over, gore, etc. But I cannot watch someone vomit. In person, on tv, anything. It's horrible.
11. If you could come up with an illness what would you name it?
Liveactionitis. The inability to watch anything that is not a cartoon.
12. Have you ever been sick in love?
13. What are you sick and tired of?
This headache. Seriously. Over a week now. It's getting really, really old and wearing me down physically and emotionally.


  1. Pirate boobies. Arrrrr!
    Hope you can get rid of that headache. That has to be the most annoying pain in the world. Well that and a toothache.

  2. omg interesting halloween

    a beached whale? really? that actually sounds gross...