Sunday, 14 February 2010

BPAL of the day: Diabolical Offspring

Baby sweetness and a touch of brimstone.
I mostly wore this today in honor of one of my longest-ever-internet-besties having her baby girl yesterday. Remember how something in Black Forest turned babypowdery on me? Well, it wasn't supposed to. This one, however, is intentionally baby powder scented, and it's FABULOUS. It's a retail exclusive from Dark Delicacies. I would adore a whole bottle, like SERIOUSLY want, but I doubt it'll happen.

It smells like baby powder, clean baby smell, baby bath, baby lotion, BABIES BABIES BABIES, tasty, tasty babies, and then... just a hint, a little bit of..... something. Something slightly.... off. In the best possible way. Exactly how I'd want my own little bundle of evil glee to smell if I could ever get knocked up.

Bring on the tannis root.

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