Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sex and Candy. And scarves.

Mmmm. One of my favorite BPALs today, Violet Ray.

So, yeah, of course as soon as I got this imp & read the tag, my mind went straight to sex. Um... that happens most of the time, actually, but yeah. That's neither here nor there. When I looked it up, saw it was from their steampunk collection, read the little blurb on the site, I was pretty much giddy with the electric steampunk sexytimes yay arm-flailing. I mean, come on, my cat is named Tesla.

Though the doctor continued to assure her that the treatment was therapeutic, her anxiety increased. Ignoring her feeble protestations, the doctor produced a pair of glass wands, and set to work.

As the machine hummed to life, her misgivings were dissolved in a haze of unexpected pleasure. Warmth, contrasted sharply with a million white-hot pinpricks and a strangely cooling blast of electricity, surged through her thighs. The metal electrodes secured beneath her corset flared as the electrical current swelled through her nerve endings.

White mint, purple musk, violet, lilac, ylang ylang, lavender moss, and sandalwood.

So, yeah. Perfect. Also, I'm a sucker for violet. My deodorant is violet scented. My favorite candy on earth is those little old-fashioned violet pastilles with an aniseseed in the center. Violet doesn't have to be a little old lady smell, and this BPAL pretty much proves it. It's sweeeeeet. But not sickening. Just.... lifting. In fact, that's exactly why I put it on. After my little going-to-sleep-with-Greed adventure earlier, I couldn't wake up for the life of me, so I knew I had to go straight to my Violet Ray zap when I needed to get up and out. I lucked into 2 imps of this, so it'll be a little while til I need to buy a bottle, but I most assuredly will be buying one eventually. The musk is just barely enough to keep it anchored, and put over the top of slept-in-for-hours Greed, it's juuuuuust right. I can't pick out the mint consciously, but my subconscious knows it's there and perks up. Sex and candy.

And now for the scarves.


Ok, so the HNT thing & being spotlight over at e[lust] & all has attracted about a zillion new people (I can see you, you know, lurkers. Statcounter ftw) so let me explain. About a year ago, an online knitting group I was a part of, Lazy, Stupid, and Godless, started a traveling scarf group for their 1-year anniversary. We are/were (I'm no longer an active member, but I'm still quite close with people I met there & am still entirely lazy, stupid, and godless, I'm in offshoot groups, and stuff, we just won't get into that drama right now because I have my scarf, I smell amazing, and the Addams Family movie is coming on, I'm not harshing my mellow) the guys & girls that want you all to know that knitting & crochet are not (as with violet scents, OMG THEME!) solely the preserve of old ladies. (Oooh! Did you know Morticia knitted in almost every episode of The Addams Family tv show?) We are rude, opinionated, often naked, intelligent, perceptive, and curse enough to make sailors run for their mommy.

Traveling scarves are this: One person knits a bit of a scarf. Approximately 6 inches in this case. They send it on to the next person in the group who knits another bit, and so on, in a circle, until the original person gets their own scarf back, with however many bits of scarf knitted by their friends, with their friends' personalities put into each section. A little notebook is included with each, to chronicle each person's thoughts, yarn choices, stitches, etc. I've been spottily blogging about the sections I've done on other people's scarves, but now I have my own back!!!!! I haven't opened the package yet. I'm savoring the antici......


This is how mine started:
My instructions were: DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. I wanted no restrictions on fiber content, colors, gauge, anything. I started mine out in the spirit I wanted it continued, I made a "magic ball" of some of my most random bits of yarn and knit my initial section with that. My only request was that there be no photos publicly uploaded til I received it. I didn't want spoilers. That would have totally ruined the INSANE AMOUNT OF EXCITEMENT I have right this second!!!!

Ok. I'm going in.

OMGOMGOMG THIS IS BEST. There is penii and boobs and rainbows and angel pubes and funfur and handspun and colors and lace and skulls and omg!!!! It's everything I dreamed of and more!!!!! And not too many ends to weave in!!!! (thanks, hoars!)

Orange penii!!! Srsly! Look closer.


Thank you, you magnificent twatweasels. I love it. My most treasured piece of knitwear EVER.

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  1. SRsly fucking ROCKIN!!!! Sounds like fun too!! <3<3<3