Friday, 5 February 2010

BPAL of the day: Ephemera.

"The scent of loss, love and the echo of time without end: sorrowful violet and chamomile with muguet, white geranium, calla lily and tea rose with a hint of autumn leaves."
Wow. This is a complicated one. It smells entirely different on my wrists as it does in the crook of my elbow, which is completely different again from down my sweater. I assume, if I could smell my own neck, it would also smell different behind my ears as it does on the nape of my neck.

I don't know about "sorrowful," but on my wrists it's definitely MOAR VIOLETS!!! Yay! My inner elbows smell like iced chamomile tea with a sprig of mint, and my cleavage smells of tea roses. This is actually kind of amazing just for the dramatic differences in where it's placed. On its own, it's not a hugely inspiring scent, but it's pleasant and pretty.... but yeah. It seems kind of magical on. I wish the muguet (aka lily of the valley) came out more, as that's one of my favorite scents ever. Hell, maybe it is there, but just on the back of my neck where I can't reach the smell of it. :D

I haven't blogged about knitting much lately. I've been doing plenty of it. Since she's already seen photos of it (CHEATER!) I may as well post the cowl I.... erm... well... I guess I made up as I went along designed for Jewles.

You can't see much of its actual properties because of the fluffy yarn, but I'm gonna do one in something smoother & see if it's as special as I think it is, once you can see the stitch definition, especially the lace of the scalloped edge, and I may very well release it as a pattern. (OMG TERRIFYING) It's amazingly cozy & versatile.

And I'm finally knitting with my Patience Ann yarn from Brooklynne, because she is havin' a CONTEST! I'm not gonna, you know, win or anything crazy like that, but I am adoring what I'm making, which is the important bit.

It's the Reclamation scarf from Glampyre Knits, and it's coming out so gorgeous. The colors in the yarn are impossible to photograph. Without a flash, it comes sort of close, hence the darkness. But it's still plummier and more grape-ity purple than that.

I'm gonna crochet her a pair of these soon, but her own contest is throwing me off my timetable. ;)

I've also still got my moebius Hoodini on the go:

And I'm still test knitting SpazzyYarn's fingerless mitts, but I keep having questions about the pattern. But hey, that's what test knitting is for. I'mma need people to test knit the cowl for me if I decide to release it. GAH, SCARY.

Anyway. Here is a very pretty Hello Kitty chainsaw and a very pretty James Dean.


  1. I think Ephemera was one of the ones that sadly didn't work on me. I wanted it to work, because I love all of the component scents, but it just disappears. It truly is ephemeral...

  2. Yeah, it definitely hasn't lasted. Bummer. :/