Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sunday the 14th.

I heart Valentine's Day.
I heart all holidays. Scrooges piss me off. Don't whine about Valentine's Day to me. If you're single, shut up and treat yourself. If you're not, shut up and enjoy it. Kiss my Tinkerbutt.

It's about 4 minutes to midnight now & I'm gonna give my husband his prezzie when it turns midnight. I spent a long time very upset about what I made him. It didn't work, at first. At all. There's no pattern for what I wanted to make him, I totally just winged this. Wung it? Wang it? Haha. Wang. Lol.

Have you ever bloody tried to knit a TINY hockey mask??!!? Seriously? Bloody hell. It looked like shit.

So was I. I cried.
But then I fixed it.

And now he is cute. And I have crocheted a machete.
When I was putting dry rice in his butt to give him a little bit of weight so he'd stand up, I was also looking around for something in the kitchen to dirty up his mask a little bit. Worcestershire sauce seemed as good an idea as any.

Oh fuck. I don't think I can resist.

Have a killer Valentine's Day.

Fuck. Strangle me in a hockey mask for that, seriously.
You're allowed.
 No, really. I want you to. That was bad.

Also, this is the sweetest picture I have ever seen:

Jason loves his mommy.

And now I have to figure out how to crochet myself a Freddy.

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