Sunday, 28 February 2010

Stealing things. Sundaywise.

Sunday Stealing: Harriet's Choice: The Disney Meme

1. Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite?
Oh golly. I'm going to have so much trouble with this meme. I'm a WHORE for Disney. Hrm. Nonprincesswise, I desperately love Mary Poppins, Nightmare Before Christmas, the old and new versions of Alice, Pollyanna, the Parent Trap, Sword in the Stone, Jungle Book, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, 101 Dalmatians, Lion King, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Freaky Friday, Pete's Dragon, The Fox & The Hound, Hunchback of Notre Dame, all the Toy Storys, all the Pirates of the Caribbean ones... I could go on.

2. Which Disney film makes you cry the most?
The Fox & The Hound. I can't watch it anymore. No good will come of it.

3. Which Disney film makes you the happiest?

4. Which Disney film has the best music?
GAH!!!! No, I can't choose. Disney music makes me so happy. They've had some of the best songwriters in the universe working for them. How about my answer is: Anything Randy Newman didn't have a hand in.

5. Which Disney film has the best love story?
Enchanted. But not the main one. Edward & Princess Nancy FTMFW. Princess Elphaba.;) And Maureen O'Hara & Brian Keith in The Parent Trap.

6. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
PRINCESS NANCY. :DDDD But of the Princess marketing line, Ariel.

7. Who is your favorite Disney Prince?
The Beast, before he was a stupid poncey prince. I really liked Naveen in The Princess & The Frog when he was being a froggy. And Edward in Enchanted cracks me the fuck up. The rest are just pretty much lame blank slates.

8. Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick?
Zero, Cheshire Cat, the one-legged pigeon in Enchanted, the Siamese Cats, Lucifer, Tito from Oliver & Company, Timothy mouse.... *sigh* Again, I could go on forever.

9. Who is your favorite Disney main character animal?
Hm.... Duchess, maybe.

10. Who is your favorite villain?
Captain Hook. I would HIT THAT. But lately I identify more & more with the Queen from Snow White. Damn kids, get off mah lawn & stop being fairer than me.

11. What is your favorite Disney song?
There is no possible way to choose this. Ever. Not even with a gun to my head.

12. What is your favorite Disney villian song?
I get way into Poor Unfortunate Souls from Little Mermaid. ;)

13. What is your favorite Disney animal song?
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat. 'Cause a cat's the only cat who knooooows where it's at.

14. What is your favorite Disney Princess song?
Maybe the Happy Working Song from Enchanted. It's just SO FUCKING FUNNY.

15. What is your favorite Disney Prince song?
One Jump Ahead from Aladdin.

16. What is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess duet song?
Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty, definitely.

17. What is your favorite Disney love song?
Oh golly... would Candle On The Water count as a love song? Once Upon A Dream, A Whole New World, Somewhere Out There... SO MANY. I don't know. Spoiled for choice.

Edited.... can I just rage for a second here? I can't even read other people's answers to this. I have to take some valium now. Shrek, Thumbelina? NOT DISNEY. Tinkerbell? NOT AN ANIMAL SIDEKICK. OMG I have to stop reading these. Seriously people. Pay attention.


  1. Ursela gives me the creeps! Disney Whore- too funny. I kept wanting to answer Shrek and my daughter got mad at me and made me change it because Shrek is Pixar (guess they are not all the same).

    Thanks for playing!
    Join us for Monday Mayhem As Bud takes over the fun!

  2. You are right, I should have put Enchanted, it has songs that I can't get out of my head.