Friday, 15 January 2010


I haven't for-real blogged in ages.
Nothing's been going on, really. It all gets filtered out through Twitter these days, mainly.

Ooh, I've got the last LSG traveling scarf before mine arrives!!! That's pretty damned exciting, I'mma blog the shit outta that when mine gets here. I keep hearing amazing things about it. I specifically requested no photos online before I get it, I didn't want scarf spoilers. Yes. I am even spoiler-phobic about KNITTING. Does this give you an indication of how bad I will cut you if you spoil something important for me? I'mma cut you so bad you gonna wish I no cut you so bad. So yeah, totally excited about the EPIC SCARF OF AWESOME TWATWEASEL HOAR LOVE coming my way ere long.

I've been crocheting a little Ianto for Melissa, because I'm awesome like that, but his hair is a pain in the ass so I'm taking a break & doing a simple fisherman's rib section for that last traveling scarf (also that is on a deadline so I kind of HAVE to do the scarf first, but if I think of it like that I won't want to do it at all) & then I'll get back on making him look less like a medieval monk.

He has an adorable little suit and will have a purple tie. The "pattern" is like, three different patterns cobbled together & tweaked, so yeah... it's not the most clear-cut project to do, but he's gonna kick ass. I may have to make myself a dog-collared, straitjacketed Master at some point. ROWR.

And as soon as the roads are unsnowy enough to drive to Hobbycraft, my beloved Weezie gave me ZOMFG gift vouchers so all their yarn is belong to me. I'mma make a lush scrunchysoft cowl for Jewles & get some of that gorge self-striping stuff I forget the name of that I spent ages petting last time I was there & I'm gonna splurge & get myself those expensive clay stegosaurus buttons.... It's gonna be amazing and Weezie is win.

I can barely see as I type, as I have slathered my eyelashes for the night with my eyelash conditioner stuff, which honestly makes me feel like an extra in some bizarre eyelash bukakke porno.

But it's working. Even my skeptical husband said that my eyelashes seemed perkier. He sounded disappointed. He totally wanted it to be bullshit. HA. Beauty products ftw, bitch.

I've been reading a depressing amount of Star Wars novels lately. And Farmville? Yep. Still totally pwning my entire soul. This new year isn't starting off bad, just.... not much different from the last one.

The IVF is.... well.... fucking stalled out again. The clinic seems to be a bunch of incommunicative assholes who want me to jump through the same hoops through which I've already jumped several times, and my doctor's getting pissed at them in her adorably soft, English way. It's nice to know that someone in the medical profession actually has my back. I haven't felt like that since my pediatrician. I have such doctor-fear, it's insane. She helps, this one. I really like her.

I just want a fucking baby, goddammit. Ok, 2. A boy and a girl. But really.... people get knocked up all the time who don't want to. Why the fuck did I luck out with the fertility problems??? Ok, sorry. Ranting.


I have a wonderful husband, a bizarre, perfectly fantastic kitty who is the source of SO much joy and lulz, amazingly generous friends that I don't even deserve, and the most wonderful family to ever exist, on BOTH sides of the Atlantic... So yeah. Not too shabby, really.

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