Thursday, 21 January 2010

Half-Nekkid Thursday, once again.


I got a haircut!

THE HAIR, PEOPLE!!!! You're supposed to be looking at my half-nekkid HEAD, jeeez!! :P
Best thing about your husband being super-awesome with the clippers is nekkid haircuts, followed closely by no awkward, stilted hairdresser chat.

"So, do you have any plans this weekend?"
"Um... I'm gonna sit on my ass and play Farmville and knit."

"Do you you have the whole day off, or are you going back to work after this?"
"Um... I don't work. I sit on my ass and play Farmville and knit all day."

"You're American?!"
"Um... yes."

Hate that shit.

*pets own head*
I love being freshly shorn.

Punkrawk cockatoo, at your service.

I enjoy Thursdays because they are the Fridays of Friday.

**Edited Feb 6:
Trying to thwart a bot.
Sorry for losing all the comments on the original post, had to delete & repost.

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