Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blanket Cave Buddies.

I often get asked: "Say, Patience, what's that awesome stripey thing that your boobs get to sit on in all your pictures of you in blanket caves?"1

Well, kids, that's Nyago. I either got Nyago from an ex or bought him for myself while I was shopping with an ex, I genuinely don't remember, such is the power of the ex-banishment from the awesomeness that is Nyago. (He peed sitting down so as not to exert his male privilege over the toilet. See whyfor the banishment?) Nyago used to be a Sanrio character but was dropped. I have no idea why, and I will forever be mad about it.

Nyago is a SLEEPY KITTY who likes to SLEEP. Maybe Hello Kitty got pissed that he was promoting narcolepsy to children. Who knows?

I have a few Nyago things, but this pillow/cuddly guy is the best. Long Cat is long.

He is equally good as a pillow or a cuddler. Nyago kicks so much ass that he can even multitask in his sleep.

1 I have never actually been asked this.