Thursday, 28 January 2010


I think I will blog my BPAL. Through my awesome friends, I seem to have somehow amassed a tidy little collection of imps & I'd like to keep track of what I love. With my weird skin chemistry (I bleach sheets and towels and stuff just by using them, I have no idea what's up with that), I can't rely on most other people's reviews on the forums and such. Yesterday I wore Bastet, and it immediately shot to the top of my to-buy list. It was warm and deep and smelled of savory baking, the saffron came out so well on me, and it lasted a good long time, which is awesome. Redhead-type complexions don't hold scent well, so that's a super plus. Also, my severely smell-challenged husband a) could actually smell it and b) liked it a lot. Also I love kitties. So, super win. It actually reminded me a little bit of a softer, deeper version of Over-The-Rhine from Possets Perfume, which I adore.

Today I have put on Hell's Belle, which is pretty lovely. It smells like a woowoo new-agey shop, but one with a secret back room where the Malfoys & LeStranges would shop. It gets better and better as it dries, but doesn't hang around too long, which makes me sad. I wish the smokey notes that other people seem to get would come out more on me.

After stalking the website for about a decade, it's bizarre that I only actually own 2 bottles: Nanshe, (blogging about which is what gave me this idea), and Tombstone, which smells like my wedding. The west in the summer and sweet wood smoke. Mmmm.... That one's super special.

I've got a third on the way, I asked on twitter what the most disgustingly overpowering, pure rose scent was, and Peacock Queen was suggested. Reading around, it seems to be too much for most people. TOO rose. Which is precisely what I want. That heady, almost alcoholic, deep, intense, make-your-head-swim, ridiculous rose... I went to search for it & discovered ZOMG it was a limited edition from Christmas and was only available til February 2nd. But I have an awesome husband who was wondering what to get me for Valentine's Day... problem solved.

It's probably dangerous that we've figured out how to have them ship to the UK. I can see all my few-and-far-between little spots of fun money going directly to them. Because when you buy a bottle, you get even more samples. ;)

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