Friday, 15 January 2010

Makeup Therapy

Today I woke up to a fairly hardcore I'm-about-to-ovulate migraine.

But also to my Sweet Libertine order, so that helped. This time I got Studio 54 (ZOMG GLITTER), Thai Silk, Striptease (finally!!!), and Dragon City. I'm amassing quite a tidy little collection of Sarah's amazingness, which makes me massively happy.

Sometimes (along with, you know... handfuls of pills, crappy movies, and shittons of caffeine) the only thing that helps a migraine is glitter eyeshadow and total self-indulgent hawtness. So I fought through the pain and played makeover.

How fucking beautiful is that Studio 54?

The eyeshadow advertisement money shot.

Yeah, I'm fuckin' pretty, you know you wanna slum it with this bitch.

Comedy silent film actress OOPSY! face ftw!

Bitch, please.

Yeah, no. Can't keep this up much longer. The camera flash is making everything hurt.

Back to real life.

Ahhh, hoodies. Like little portable blanket-caves.

1 comment:

  1. You totally look like Uma Thurman in the "Bitch, please" photo. It's kind of unsettling. And yes, you are annoyingly gorgeous!