Thursday, 28 January 2010

Half-Nekkid Toga Party Plus Epic Bloggery About Nothing Much And A Poem

Oh, snap. Looks like the blanket cave is good for other stuff too. :D
I dunno, I was feeling all artsyfartsy and I thought I had good angles, as Tyra would say.

In other non-half-nekkid news, ZOMG I am designing a knitting pattern. FOR REALS!! Jewles wanted a cowl. A chunky, soft, charcoal grey cowl. I had a gander at all the free cowl patterns on Rav and basically thought, "Hrm.... I could do better." Now, I've knitted stuff from scratch before, without a pattern, per se... just various stitch dictionaries and stuff I already knew, etc... I thought about putting out a pattern for the Bee Scarf that I made up for this wonderful cause...

...but I thought it was maybe a bit too silly or derivative or simple. I don't know, I still might, I wrote down exactly what I did somehwere even though the scarf has gone on to fulfill its bee-saving destiny. I hope it's happy and keeping someone toasty warm and bright. Anyway. This time I'm doing the same thing, a stitch from this dictionary, an edging from that hat, modified to fit the shape and size of what I'm doing, plus a few ideas of my own of what I'd like in a cowl if I actually wore them and what I think would look pretty on the intended recipient.
I'm going to have to make up another one in a smoother yarn once I finish, because fluffy yarn hides a multitude of sins. It may be entirely ugly when you can see the stitch definition, who knows? Right now, though, in this fluffy, ambiguously weighted yarn, it looks killer. So far.

If I do end up putting it up on ye olde intarwebs as a proper pattern, it's also going to need a name. I have a few ideas kicking around, but I'll need to do some searching to make sure I'm not ripping anything off or being too unoriginal.

But yes, all this talk of knitting, you say? That means you have YARN? Oh fucking snap, yes I fucking do. Louise gave me £50 worth of Hobbycraft vouchers for xmas because she is beyond amazing and is my total bff (NOT BECAUSE SHE BUYS MY LOVE WITH YARN), and I WENT YARN SHOPPING, MOTHERFUCKERS.

It was brilliant. I haven't properly done that in over a year.
Lookit the bounty!!!!!

Also I got eyes for little stuffed dudes, and ZOMG STEGOSAURUS BUTTONS!!!!!!!!
That floofy dark grey on the far left is what I'm using for the cowl, and the skinny black cotton right next to it is for some crochet lace opera gloves for Brooklynne. So, yes, I spent a fair amount of my gift money on other people. *shrug* What can I say? I give until it hurts. ;P Speaking of which, I'm sending Melissa her Ianto tomorrow: well as mailing out the final LSG traveling scarf. *single tear*

Grah. My internet keeps cutting out and coming back and cutting out ad nauseum. I better stop before I totally hulk out. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. And I'm PMSing like a mofo right now. Which reminds me...

An Ode To PMS Boobies
O, fairest Bunny & Piglet
(yes, they have names, shut up)
Why you gotta hurt so bad for so long?
I have stairs in my house that I have to go up
and down countless times a day.
You make that fucking difficult.
And is it necessary to spread that pain
all the way into my armpits?
I don't look very good holding my arms out
like freaking chicken wings.
You hurt with a bra,
you hurt without a bra.
You don't respond to opiates,
The only good thing I can say about you
is that you look fuckin' killer this week
and I almost feel as though I have my awesome rack
from when I wasn't so skinny.
So, thanks for that.
It almost makes up for the misery.



  1. The hell was that last picture? Thor, Nipple of Thunder?

  2. Aw crap, that's awesome, I guess Piglet has a new name now. Husband says if I ever find one with devil horns I have to get the other one pierced.

  3. Giggle I love your sexy toga and well you my dear have some serious knitting skills. As for your tender boobies they are hot if that helps any. :)


  4. Thor, Nipple of Thunder thanks you. :DD

  5. Envious of your knitting skills! LOVE that nipple ring!

  6. That's a lovely HNT picture, and it sure looks like you knit killer stuff!