Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Scent Of A Blanket Cave.

The blanket cave smells like Nanshe, from BPAL's Somnium line:

The Babylonian Goddess of Dreams, who bestows the power of Oneiromancy onto her priests. This blend opens up psychic sensitivity during sleep and aids in the understanding and correct interpretation of portents and symbols.

Whatevs. I got a sample aaages ago and put it on in bed. I frequently wear perfume to bed even if I haven't worn any during the day, I dunno, it just comforts me, so when I read its little blurb, how could I resist? Who knows? I have bizarre dreams all the time as it is. It smells good, and after a whole imp's worth of putting it on at bedtime, I totally came to associate it with sleep, so I had to get a whole bottle. Good work, on that one, BPAL!

To and on me, it smells like freshly cut raw ginger root. Maybe a little lemongrass in there. Lots of other people seem to get lemons, lavender, all sorts of other stuff. But on me it's overpoweringly ginger, and I LOVE it.

Also the blanket cave smells of girl and sleep and 'Nilla Wafers, which (bizzarely) seems to be my default naturally exuded scent. Maybe I am secretly a cookie princess.

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