Saturday, 30 January 2010

Pet Peeve & BPAL of the day:

As I type I'm letting my husband choose a BPAL imp for me to wear from my bigger bag of little bags. Devil's Night is leaking. Boo. He chose Pannychis, but I have some Devil's Night on my fingers so that's gonna warp things. Know how much I care? Zip. I mix & match. Devil's Night is real nice, by the way. :D But as for Pannychis...
An attendant of the Goddess Venus. She presides over nocturnal pleasure, nighttime festivities, and all the joy and delight that can be found in the darkness. In later ages, it became the name of the all-night festival that closed the Eleusinian Mysteries. Night-blooming jasmine, moonflower, cardamom, sandalwood, black currant, ylang ylang, frankincense and lily.

Hel-LO! This is gorgeous. Night-blooming jasmine is one of my all-time favorite smells. I inherited the love of it from my dad who grew up in Miami where the nights smell positively divine. (Ooh, idea... they need to do one that's night-blooming jasmine and orange blossom. Miami scents ftw) The ylang-ylang comes out on me plenty, which is awesome. And the cardamom & sandalwood, though I can't pick them out individually, give this a wonderful darkness & help stop it from being a straight-up hot floral mess. I definitely like it, I'm a ylang-ylang fanatic, so very much yes. I don't know if I'd buy a whole bottle, but I very well might change my mind when my imp's gone.... and meanwhile, you know, I'd certainly accept a bottle as a gift. ;)

This feels like it may last a good long while on me too, if it does, and it's still around in a few hours without having to reapply, it'll move up my list dramatically. I adore perfumes that last, it's so rare on me.

And so, moving on.

I have an issue.

Dear straight women:
Please stop referring to attractive gay men (particularly celebrities) as "a waste."

They are celebrities. They are hot. You wouldn't have a chance ANYWAY. They are not a waste. The only wasteful thing about any of the above pictured gentlemen is that too many of them died too early of AIDS. Life waste. Not they're-not-going-to-fuck-you waste. It's insulting. Stop it. They are amazing as they are, their preferring a different gender to mine doesn't preclude me having crushes, fantasies, admiration... And it sure as hell doesn't stop me enjoying the eye candy. That faux-rueful head-shaking, "knowing" wink, "what a waste, huh?" makes me want to SLAP you. Don't do that. Ever.

Or I will sic scary clown NPH on your ass.

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  1. *cries* here I was all happy and lookin at the pretty eye candy and then your clown scared me *sobs*