Thursday, 22 April 2010

Half-Nekkid Thursday from a different POV


I've pretty much always taken all my HNT pics myself. Here is probably the first one not actually taken by me. This is how I spend most nights when I can't sleep; my chin's on Nyago & my hands are on the laptop, which is out of frame but definitely casting its bluey glow even in the yellow filtery thing...

Husband has his new little Hipstamatic camera app thingy on his iPhone & has been playing with it nonstop. He just took this one & I thought, "Christing fuck, my arms look fat," followed by "Oh, hey, it's almost Thursday. I can use that slightly-unflattering-but-decidedly-unclothed photo to a purpose."

So I'mma set this thing to post in a couple-few hours when it's been Thursday for awhile over here & carry on with my chin on the cat pillow and my hands on the laptop for way too many more hours. I'm sick of seeing the sunrise without having slept first. Also those goddamn birds need to STFU.

PS: someone remind me when I wake up to comment over on Osbasso's HNT post this week that I posted.  Hopefully I'll be asleep before a) comments are open and b) this is scheduled to post. I mean, probably not, but we can all hope


  1. i feel similarly about pics DH takes of me. my arms and chin make me look like my mother's child. :/

    hope you got some rest! happy belated HNT.