Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Totally just ganking this...

...from Jewles.

1) If you had to give yourself a porn name what would it be?
Crap, I thought of an amazing one a couple weeks ago. WTF was it? Oh well, I forget. Either way, my porn name would be Mitten. I have always wanted to be called Mitten.

2) How many hours of sleep is too many?
As a life long severe insomniac, I can say that there is no such thing.

3) Favorite breakfast food?
Bloody mary. Totally counts as food, right?

4) One celebrity you could live the rest of your life never hearing about again?
OOH. That one chick. Fox.... Something... Megan Fox? God, she's desperately sad. And not in a fun, trainwrecky way.

5) Person in the #1 spot on your “allowed to hook up” list?
Tom Baker.

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