Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh, snap!

Someone in Indianapolis hates the boobs! Unnatural, foul beast!!!!!

Or maybe they were just tired of all those devastating Indiana earthquakes.

As I don't actually have much to offer in the way of cleavage unless I totally arm-jack the girls, as is my wont, I went with thin and skimpy today. Low-cut on me is just pointless, all you get is a vast expanse of freckled, bony sternum. :D Nipply, however, I can do. So I did. Move the earth, girls. I dare you.

David Duchovny was talking about "the magic of toast" just now on Inside The Actor's Studio. I love that man.

1 comment:

  1. Fuck em have great boobs - some a holes seem to think that the perfect woman is all blond and tanned with fake tits and no brains.

    I follow your blog cos you are interesting and occasionally show bits - if people want vacuous porn they should look elswhere.

    i want to see fun and know that there are clever sexy birds out there still - Now I gotta see that Toast thing...Californication is the bested