Monday, 12 April 2010

Home again, home again...

Massive post-vacation photo blog time.

These are just gonna be in alphabetical order from my Idaho folder, no real rhyme or reason to any sort of chronology or theme. Mostly they will probably be of little to no interest to any of you but they all make me happy or I wouldn't have saved them...

Strangely enough, that's one of the first ones from getting to my parents' house. Owen is very tired and brushing his teeth.

At the tiny arcade in my parents' tiny town, Owen & Dakota rockin' out the driving games.

Pretending to be Peggy Mitchell.

Backlit saying goodbye to my mom at the airport Saturday morning after no sleep. :(

Crocheted dainties I whipped out of some Super Saver to hang over dad's bar in the basement.

Another view of the Babs Windsor pose, you can see Owen's hands taking the other photo over at the left. Also part of my mom and my brother Curt showing off on the bass with the scarf I made him on the plane around his head. I fucking love my dad's bar.

Belaying my bro's amazingly rad bf Justin (that I want him to marry and have like, ten thousand gaybies with) at the FUCKING AWESOME indoor rock climbing gym in Jackson Hole, with awesome climber Curt looking on.

Crocheted bikini top for the hanging-over-the-bar set.

The Easter Bunny found me in Idaho!!!!! My mom got a pink bb gun. My grama got some flowers, and me & Owen are blowing bubbles from Peeps-shaped-bubble-things.

ZOMG BULLET!!!! Curt's fantastic, sweet little rat. She took *such* a shine to Owen. I think it was all the treats he gave her. :D

Butterfly g-string for over the bar.

Saying bye to my brother. He is wearing my shirt.

Saying bye to grama. And the jackalope.

First stop after we got off the plane in SLC was Chipotle. FTMFW.

Owen's new hat. It is his fancy hat.

Climbing the walls.

At the Cowboy Expo before the rodeo.

The final arrangement of crocheted unmentionables over the bar, til the snow melts and dad can dig out a coil of barbed wire from the back yard, then he's gonna hang that up and drape them off of that.

Yeah, we're both crying. That was the last photo of the bunch, chronologically. Just about to get in the security line at the airport. :(

My beautiful Cubmaster mom with her BLINGED THE FUCK OUT Pinewood Derby princess car which I pimped & which won among the grownup cars.

Bar bra for dad.

Ok, so in some places they had these stupid fucking little flags at the crosswalks that you carried across so traffic would stop for you. I was deeply embarrassed by the whole thing but Owen was pleased as punch to lead the dork parade.

Another view of the dork parade. Body language experts, am I trying to distance myself from my husband? :P

We'd just arrived at the house & presented grama with her tiny crocheted douchebag Andre Rieu. :D She loves him.

Dyeing Easter Eggs with Curt & his bf.

Dyeing eggs is SRSBZNS. I have Ernie on my pants.

Getting ready to hide eggs full of goodies on the playground for mom's class. She is trying to be all teachery & shit back there, and me & Owen are distracting the children from sitting down and being quiet. Lulz.

More egg dyeing. It was awesome.

At school.

Not the world's best crocheted fishnet stocking.

Owen trouncing Curt at foosball.

Me & my daddy just before we flew out. :(

Fuck yeah Apples to Apples.


Bighorn sheep fucking around in the middle of the road. They had massive balls.

Pimping mom's Pinewood Derby car.

My brilliantly gorgeous new Ariat Fatbaby boots in a just-polished lineup with a couple pairs of my dad's.

Crocheting something.

More Bullet. <3 <3 <3



Greeting my baby brother on his 20th birthday.


Hanging out in Curt's room. He has the best tv in the house.

Post eye exam dilated pupils stupid sunglass insert thingies.

Drinking and playing games with grama disapproving.

Helping out at school.

Mom & dad in the backyard.

Fuck yeah ginger farm cat.

Grading mom's first graders' papers is the most wonderful fun. They had to write some sentences to show they could captialize and punctuate & one little girl's sentence was "I have a big teacher." We all loled at my mom.

Pizza & pool as the healthcare bill passes.

Hellcat, my parents' cat. She's a Katrina rescue and is awesome.

She went out in the snow, found herself a lovely little wooden island, and then got stuck there. We loled.

Don't worry, I found the knitting books.

Don't worry, I found the lip gloss.

More bighorn sheep, but young ones whose horns are not so big yet.

Stuffing eggs with tiny toys for the 1st graders.


Yeah, shut up, I bought a LOT of lip gloss on the trip. Best flavor scores: wasabi, absinthe, and blueberry Pop Tart.

Touring the Mormon temple in SLC for shits & giggles.

Fuck yeah naptime.

Me & Curt both got new glasses. They're basically the same but mine are tortiseshell & his are wire frames. I was just gonna get new lenses but the eye doctor broke my old frames while putting them in. o.O

What the Easter Bunny left my mom. She is so stoked. She'll shoot her eye out.

Me, Curt, & Justin having Pizza Hut in the square in Jackson Hole after the rock climbing.

A wonderful Batman drawing Owen left on a Post It at the Verizon store where Curt works.

Blinged out princess car.

Lulz. So many egg dyeing photos.

At the rodeo. So much awesome.

Knitting at the rodeo. Seriously, does life get any better?

Pinging cans with the bb gun. Or, in my case, not. I am a bloody terrible shot.

First graders Easter egg hunting is more intense than a shark feeding frenzy. The boy who found the silver prize egg got extra lucky as it was also his birthday.

Fuck yeah Indian casino! Owen tripled his bet! Which means he won about three bucks. :D

HOORAY THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!! And brought honey sticks.

Fuck yeah webcam shot of the living room/kitchen.

First sit on the couch when we got there. We spent so much of the next 3 weeks right the fuck there. It was glorious.

ZOMFG THERE WAS A STORE WITH MACHINES WHERE YOU PUT IN A QUARTER AND GOT OUT A MUSTACHE!!!!!!!1eleven!!!!! Also I got a pink one. Grama hated them. She said it was ugly.

Fuck yeah more Bullet.

I can't be the only chick in the world that stretches piercings with her knitting needles. Seriously.

It is a good idea, shut up.

Fuck yeah sunset.

I couldn't get a decent photo that showed how I dyed that egg with liberal sprinklings of Sweet Libertine glitter eyeshadow. (in Jem, btw, in case anyone wants to... you know... get me some more to replace what went onto the egg?)

I have no idea why Owen even took this photo. We are in the grocery store parking lot. Maybe it was to show off my fucking awesome coonskin cap.

Cool reflection of the SLC temple.

We spent nearly as much time at Tony's as we did on the couch.


Yep. Lots of Tony's.

That was a fucking beautiful, fast waterslide.

10 shops. Each and every one closed for the season. West Yellowstone was pretty much a bust.

The Dude abides. And apparently skateboards.

Attempting to stop the kids from grabbing eggs before the whistle was blown.

Smarmy-ass governor of Idaho epically failing to rope a calf. Ha.

Accidental trick photography making it look like grama is downing a pint of Bitch for Easter breakfast. Lulz.

Owen is a much better shot than me.

Hiding eggs, playground-wise.

At some point the egg-hiding degenerated into an orgy of throwing candy at my dad. I don't even know.

Leaving the hotel Saturday morning. We hadn't slept more than a couple hours, I was an emotional wreck.

Lava Hot Springs. Heavenly.

Hotel hot tub the morning after we arrived. Mmmmm....

Still more hot tubbing. Ok, maybe we spent about as much time in hot water of one sort of another as we did at Tony's or on the couch.

YEAH I FED LLAMAS, YOU ARE JEALOUS. They belong to my parents' friends. They are rescue llamas. They found one of them on the side of the road.

Lunch at the Indian casino. Mmmm, fry bread.

Dad playing bartender, us playing drunk Cranium.

Oh yeah, right before the Easter egg hunt there was a poorly timed fire drill. We gave the children our jackets. You can fit two first grade girls and a small part of a first grade boy in my jacket. This is useful information.

Dad scored some sweet jail stools & table from a real live prison & installed them on the back deck next to the outside bar.

Lacy Super Saver garter for over the bar.

I fuckin' loved those llamas.

Beautiful downtown Driggs, Idaho.

Those Mormons had a massive organ. *titter*

Mmmmmmalabrigo scarf that was my plane knitting on the way over.

Norris Hot Springs, pretty much completely heaven. We ate pizza and nachos while soaking.



More eggs!!! The Batman is Owen's & the Superman is Justin's. :D

At the rodeo!!!!

On a farm.

My poor trusty trikey that I used to ride to work when I lived there, totally buried in the snow. :(

On the way out to drive to the airport. :(((

Packing sucks.

Photobombing my husband. :D


Pinball & safari games.

Owen got a sweet briar pipe.

Men. Being manly.

Princess car again!

Parents' giant windows are full of prisms. Owen got some rainbow in his eye.

Me & my brother took pictures of my mom when she was asleep in the recliner and I drew a mustache on it and then we played a game of See How Much Stuff We Can Pile Onto Mom Before She Wakes Up. It was rad.

Dunno what was going on here...  possibly just showing off our new glasses again.


No clue. Obviously just when we first got to the house, Curt's futzing around with his birthday scarf I finished in the car from SLC to home.

YEAH I GOT A FUCKING COONSKIN CAP, BITCHES. Also I think I left it there. Shit.

First photo of our arrival, yeah I'm totes about to shove that old man out of my way.

Heh. My family are such awesome dorks. Those were set up sequentially in the snow along the road to their house. :D

Curt looking like a spider monkey.

Shut up, egg dyeing is srsbzns.

Ruffly thong for hanging above the bar.

Where not-at-all-crazy-cult-leader Brigham Young declared was "The Place" to build his little Mormon utopia back in the day. I got some lip gloss and one of those awesome squished pennies.

Getting told off for that photobomb earlier.

Curt's Spidey Senses are tingling.

A productive day juggling golf balls at the Verizon store.


Water Of The Gods indeed. I would like to just like... live at Norris Hot Springs forever. Also besides Norris & Lava we went to Green Canyon hot springs, I don't know why there aren't photos from there.

OMG when we got up & left the hotel in SLC the morning after we got there, we were immediately confronted with this totally WTF wall o' British! I wasn't sure we'd actually even left the country.

Hellcat disapproves of my egg dyeing shenanigans.

Scoring some sweet mystery yarn from old boxes in the workshop.

I think that's it. Phew.

OH NO SHIT, WAIT. There's a ton of webcam narcissism in another folder, brb.

Lulz. The LYS in my parents' town got so much of my money other people's money. :DDD I got a Crazy Zauberball. It is almost half of a Baktus.

Noro Stripe Scarf I finished on the drive to the rodeo.

Don't worry. I'm not turning yarn snob. There was also a store chock full o' Super Saver!!!

Crazy foreign blanket cave.


I don't even know.

Pretty sure this was a reaction shot to something ridonk my grama said at one point.

When I am wearing my fine mustache, my name is Professor Mountbatten.

Rockin' the new frames.

That is Norris. He is a bracelet. The Easter Bunny brought me him.

Ok, so one whole day I was so irritated by my grama that I went and hid in the basement on the top of the bunkbed with some selfish knitting and my ipod and the laptop. I got that sweet chavtacular hoodie from my brother - a friend of his left it at their house and then went to jail so I got some free stuff.

Chavtastic hoodie: a portable blanket cave that says WHITE TRASH no matter where in the world you wear it.

We call top bunk.

Anything can be made better with enough tranquilizers.

Fake Easter tattoo ftw.

A sweet Barbie hat and a sunburn on my nose.

Just showing off all the sweet new freckles I got.

There I just thought I looked actually kinda pretty for once.

OMFG my parents had this rad thing where I could be on the internet in the car.

Ok, now that's REALLY it.

No, wait.
While I was compiling this & realized that I'd left my coonskin cap there, I emailed my dad to see if he could find it & he sent me this:



  1. 1) Your family is totally awesomesaucecoolasfuck. I can tell this.
    2) I am very sad i couldn't visit with you, and Hallie is sad too.
    3) I have totally been to that British grocery in SLC, but last time I was there I couldn't find it.

    Awesome peektures!!!

  2. ok so when my mom moves to idaho you HAVE TO MOVE BACK TO THE STATES so i can have more of an excuse to go there, okay? okay. <3