Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Stuff.

It was another long, lovely, lazy morning in bed.

And another lazy, meme-ridden blog post.

Sunday Stealing, the OTT meme.

Part One - Describe:

Your hair? Orangeyred, maybe half an inch long, growing out of a buzz, with a couple inch long Tank Girl tuft at the front.

Your mother? Beautiful, strong, heroine, goddess, the ultimate Girl Scout.

Your father? Brilliant, healer, consummate teacher, hero, Captain Science.

Your favorite food? Leafy, prickly, green, steamed, layered.

Your dream last night? Unmemorable.

Your favorite drink? Vanilla coke from a fountain, properly with syrup.

Your dream/goal? I want to have babies and dress them as things. At least one boy & one girl. Elvis, Yoda, Batman, the possibilities are endless.

The room are you in? Bright, a little chilly, cozy, cluttered, home.

Your hobby? Sticks and string. Soothing, stressful, textures, rhythms, mindless, mindful.

Your fear? Finding out definitively that I won't be able to have a baby.

Your TV? Big, full of EastEnders.

Your Pets? Crackheaded, perfect, sweet, stupid, ridiculous, best, precious treasure.

Friends? Few, but important.

Your life? Chugging along.

Your mood? Iffy.

If you're missing someone? Mommy, daddy, brother, grama.

Your best friend? Is married to me.

Part Two - The Where's?

Where do you want to be in 6 years? A bigger house, maybe in Idaho near my parents, firmly in the throes of motherhood.

Where were you last night? Smack on the sofa. Then in bed.

Where did you grow up? Smyrna, Georgia. Same as Julia Roberts.

One place that I go to over and over? The gas station up the road. Anytime we need anything, they probably have it or a suitable stopgap there.

Your favorite place to eat out? Scalini's, back home in Georgia.

Wish list items? Seriously?

Last time you laughed? A few minutes ago at how badly they're hiding the actress that plays Tanya on EastEnders's very obvious pregnancy.

Last time you cried? During Girl, Interrupted. The Wizard of Oz scene.

Part Three - The What's?

Something that you aren't? Pleased that I'm out of nail polish remover.

Last thing you did? Chipped away at my nail polish.

What are you wearing? Yankees sweats, Napoleon Dynamite shirt. Lazy Sunday chic.

Something you're not wearing? Underwear.

Your favorite store? God, I miss Wal*Mart like nobody's business.

Unconscious Mutterings.
  1. Grace :: Jones
  2. Shower :: Bath
  3. Alice :: In Wonderland
  4. Purple :: Rain
  5. Apartment ::Complex
  6. 3 :: Is a magic number
  7. Car :: Volvo
  8. Pregnant :: Dearest wish
  9. Counselor :: Dad
  10. Discretion :: Secrets


  1. Wow- a the 'Ultimate Girl Scout" meets "Captain Science". Sounds like a great adventure.

    Join us for Monday Mayhem!

  2. My best friend is visiting from Symrna. I wish it were Julia, tho. Thanks for playing...