Thursday, 5 November 2009

IVF update

So, my doctor's office apparently didn't send in the final batch of blood tests to the IVF clinic. Nice work, there. But anyway, once we get that sorted out, (possibly will have to have more blood taken, I don't know if they'll accept everything from many months back) then they said they'll basically fast-track us. When they get the tests, they'll send us a "welcome pack." WTF? Anyway, that'll have more forms to fill out, and when they get those, it will be about a month before we can actually have our one free NHS IVF cycle. If that doesn't take, we're boned. But still. Hope. I has it.

I really want babies so I can dress them up as things. Mostly Elvis.


  1. I've been sending lots of "fertile" and "sticking" vibes to you for months, in advance. Don't want to wait till the last minute. I will continue to have all my crossables crossed of course.

  2. Good luck.