Sunday, 15 November 2009

Best. Hat. Evar.

Earflap puffball hat with detachable/adjustable beard/stache for BIL for Xmas. Fucking WIN.

SO tempted to keep the damn thing for myself. You know you want it, too.


  1. That is EPIC.

  2. I look at it and I WANT to think that it's hideous, but can't. It's just so fucking great.

  3. I want to have that hats babies. IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER TO SIT ATOP A HUMAN HEAD..... and face..... <3 IT.

  4. Please join us tomorrow for The Queen's Meme. You're invited!

  5. Hi Ann-

    I want to thank you for playing Sunday Stealing. We are excited to announce our new Friday meme, The Dating Profiles Meme, and I'm inviting you to give it a shot. Every Friday we will find 10 of the strangest, lamest profile quotes from sites like or Yahoo Personals. We will choose gender neutral statements. This meme will ask you to give an honest reply or quip to the statement. Married or single, we know you'll enjoy it!

    And whether you join us this Friday or not, thanks for playing with us Sundays.