Saturday, 21 November 2009

I would do this even if there wasn't potential free yarn involved.

Ok, y'all. One of the most beautiful, strong, inspiring and inspired women I've never met, my wonderful friend Brooklynne, has launched her online shop at Grrrl Shaped Yarns. She's having a blogging contest to win a special skein of her fantastic yarn AND a pattern. She, like me, left her native USA to move across the world for the man she eventually married, so one day either I'll go to New Zealand to meet her or she'll come to England, or we'll meet somewhere in the middle because I don't think I could go the whole rest of my life without actually meeting such a kindred spirit. But this isn't about her. This is about her yarn. No, I lied. It's about me. It's ALL about me. No, I'm serious. Her (imho) most gorgeous yarn is inspired by and named after....

......wait for it......


Here is Patience Ann, a purple superwash merino. Like me, it is random. Like me, it's always different. Like me, it "has a firm twist, and is soft yet durable." Like me, it is machine washable and tumble dryable. And finally, most of all like me, it is cheap.

There's only three of it. There may be more or less of me that that, I'm never sure on any given day. But I can assure you that like the yarn, I am a limited edition.

The fabulousness of me aside, you should go lookit the rest of her shop, too. Her other yarns are GLORIOUS. She also does custom dye jobs and has some of those fabulous pointy, lovely needles that I can never afford. She's just starting out, so bookmark that shit, y'all. There is more coming. She's also a straight-up GODDESS. I'm not even kidding. Pure deity-caliber, this girl. Generous, hot, funny, creative, supportive, and fantastic in every way.

I think I've passed 150 words without even trying.


  1. awww you are way too kind thank you soo much for such a wonderful sweet post! you are absolutely awesome and a goddess yourself!!

  2. Oh shush, it's a totally self-aggrandizing post about how awesome I am to have yarn named after me. :P