Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Today I'm'a put the ear flaps on my Gnomey Hat! I'm still ill and don't have much knitting mojo, but this is going so fast & is so satisfying & adorable in my ZOMGKNITPICKS that it's helping me recover the urge to knit.

It's not helping anything that fucking Farmville is sucking my soul away as well.
Husband is home sick again today with me. We're not doing much of anything. It's pretty miserable in my house right now. [ham-handed segue, get ready!] If only we could win the lottery.......

  1. If you won the lottery lets say 200 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do? Pay off debts. How boring is that? It's true though. But then, the shoe shopping!!!
  2. Do you think your a lucky person? why? Meh. I definitely don't think I'm lucky. Maybe not particularly unlucky, maybe on the slightly-less-than-average side.
  3. Do you have any lucky charms? Way too many. I'm very object-oriented. (zomg geek humor)
  4. Have you ever knocked on wood in hopes whatever you said doesn’t get jinks? Yes. Always.
  5. If you could have just one thing..anything besides riches (money/gold) what would your wish for? Antlers.
  6. Do you listen to your gut instincts or try to ignore them and wish you did? I tend to listen to them, yeah. Then I dither and second-guess myself and overanalyze, but then I usually go with what I originally felt & it usually works out.
  7. Are you a glass half full or more of a glass half empty type person? I'm just like... whatever. Put some whiskey in there. We're cool.
  8. Do feel like you are fortunate in life or waiting for your turn? why? Definitely waiting. If I could get pregnant, I'd feel like my turn had come.
  9. what is an attainable dream that you want to accomplish before you die? I want to dye yarn with squid ink.
  10. If the world was going to end on friday…what would you do before it ended? Try & somehow get to America to be with my family. By hook or by crook, as 'twere.
  11. Do you believe rabbits foots are bring good luck? Nah, they're just pretty gruesome.
  12. Do you believe blondes have all the luck? What? No.
  13. If you could come up with an invention and make millions of dollars what would it be? Antlers-on-humans-growing-pills.


  1. Antlers? lol
    I'm addicted to Farmville, too. Have you seen the alien cows and crop circles you can buy now?

  2. Oh god yes, my topiary cow is now incognito amongst my alien cows.