Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Lovely Day.

Yesterday I had a lovely day.
Wednesday is my birthday so I have claimed both weekends either side of it. I AM BIRTHDAY PRINCESS FOR NINE WHOLE DAYS.

Yesterday, all I knew was that my husband had a surprise!outing planned for me to London. We turned up at the first place we were due and I didn't know what it was until I saw a trashcan that said NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. And I squeeeeeeed. Because I am a dork and I love museums and SCIENCE.

But I did not know why we were "due" there at a certain time. It is just open and free. But lo! There was a BUTTERFLY HOUSE!!!!! We had tickets!!!!!!
This is kind of a big deal. My husband is sosososo scared of butterflies and moths. He knows I love love love them and wanted to do something very special for me for my birthday, so he got us tickets and was SO BRAVE. He only clutched at his hat and whimpered a VERY FEW times!!! He didn't even rush me. He was a stalwart knight, and true. There were VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLARS and a huge luna moth and big lazy white flutterbies that looked like flowers drifting in the air and ones that were just brownyboring on the outside but when they opened their wings, they were OMG BLUE!!!!! And iridescent green ones and tiny orangey ones and yellow ones that were shaped so pretty and SO many other ones!!! They were so fluttersome and beautiful and it was just magical.

And also we spent a lot of time in the main museum. There were dinosaurs RAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! And Owen bought me 2 beautiful chunks of rose quartz, one tumbled and one un. They are treasures. And I was very brave and went in the arachnids section of the creepy-crawlies exhibit, but I don't want to talk about that. *shudder*

Then we had many hours until the next surprise thing, so we wandered over to the V&A museum and looked at some more beautiful, beautiful things. I am such an art history dork. The intense happiness I feel in museums makes me feel like my degree was worth something. We discovered a beautiful little courtyard garden with a fountain that had beautiful little nymph-children splashing around in it and we bought ice cream and sat in the sun with our feet in the fountain.

I got about a zillion more freckles and worked on my stripey legwarmers that are my birthday present to myself. Oh, it was heavenly! OH! And also I got a new bracelet made of wood. I love bracelets and I love things made of wood and I love bracelets made of wood.

Then we wandered around some more and found the place where the next surprise was going to be. All I had heard was that there would probably be pink involved, and that I would enjoy it more than Owen but that he would still have a fabulous time. I had NO clue.

But then I looked up......

And I apparently squeaked. Though I do not recall doing so. I do, however, believe it. Because I was VERY EXCITED OMG. I bounced around for another hour or so, popping in and out of little shops around the theater and I got some OMFG WAFFLE FLAVORED LIPGLOSS and we went to the Disney Store and passed a little shop that was closed but had a cardboard standup of Matt Smith in the doorway and there was a lipstick kiss on the glass which made me VERY HAPPY, and then it was SHOWTIME!!!!!!

Waiting in line to be admitted, however, I spotted something that meant that my husband (who does genuinely love a good musical and would have had a great time anyway) would quite possibly explode from excitement and enjoy it about a MILLIONDYTHREEVELEVEN times more than he imagined.

Starring as the baddy law professor was....

....wait for it....


Roll back about 30 years and add some celery...

The Doctor.
Not just The Doctor, but Owen's Doctor. HIS Doctor. That was the most special surprise of all, because even he wasn't expecting it. His parents bought the tickets for me way back in January.

We saw the ACTUAL Doctor with our ACTUAL eyes. He sang. He danced. He was amazing. Oh, Doktah!!!!

The entire show was FABULOUS. It was funny and sweet and just right. The songs were WONDERFUL and catchy, and the Gay Or European song is the best thing to happen to musical theatre since Wicked. Seriously. HILARE.


It was just the most wonderful day EVER!

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