Monday, 17 May 2010

Did I mention that I heart tumblr?

Here are some of my favorite themed tumblrs that you should probably follow if you are any kind of awesome:

Distracted By Star Wars
Fuck Yeah Freckles
Fuck Yeah Delirium
Disturbing Images
Fuck Yeah Girly Art
David Tennant's Tongue
Fuck Yeah Gotham Girls
Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Beiber
Girls With Tails
Fuck Yeah Christina Hendricks
Fuck Yeah Lips
Ginger Fix

Tumblr makes me happy in a somewhere-between-twitter-and-proper-blogging sort of way.

Personally, I'm still a big old mess. Things are so wildly out of my control at the moment. It's almost my birthday. I'm going to be 29. I haven't any recent knitting projects finished in a show-off-able state. I keep starting new things without finishing any old things. I have so many forms to fill out. My nail polish is peeling off. They keep remaking movies that there's no need to remake. What if the IVF doesn't work? What if it DOES!?!?! Why isn't there any wine in the house? I really love the Eleventh Doctor. Strangers keep adding me on Facebook. This book is really cruelly beautiful and you should probably read it. I haven't finished it yet. I never fall asleep before dawn anymore. I'm pretty bummed about Dio. Buy me a ruby? Birds are very loud. Tell me a story?

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