Sunday, 13 December 2009

Home Stretch.

I'm almost done with giftmas knitting/crochet. After much travail and swearing and tears and SUPER helpful input from my poor, put-upon husband, I settled on a chunky-ass fisherman's rib scarf for SIL's boyfriend. It may or may not get to have pockets, depending on how long it ends up and how much yarn I have. I'd love pockets on it, but he's tall, fisherman's rib DEVOURS yarn.... so we'll see. I've got to finish a ball for my kitty but I can't do much more until I have some 'nip to put in it and I have to felt it first and then make sure I can still stuff it and finish it and somehow felt the finished bit by hand, dry..... *sigh* But anyway. Everything else is done.

Mitts for SIL:
Capelet for MIL:
Convertible mittens for FIL:
Little wrist purse for GrandMIL:
Beardy hat for BIL:
Boat for Uncle-in-law:
And here's the fraction of the scarf for SIL's BF:
And the going-to-be-felted-and-filled-with-nip ball for Tessy:

And surprises for Weezie & my husband that you don't get to see until after they've received them, but they are both fucking acebest. Just hope none of the rest of the fam reads this. XD

I feel really kind of bad that my actual blood-fambly gets squat because I've had to focus on getting things done for people that will actually be there on Xmas morning to have something to open. But my mom & dad got stuff I made for their birthdays in Sept & Oct respectively, and I made my bro that Trilobite hat recently, too..... I *will* get to them, and my grama.... I feel bad, though.

Let's do a meme.
Unconscious Mutterings.
Word association.

  1. Up :: in the air
  2. Scram! :: cat!
  3. Smell :: coffee
  4. Belong :: family
  5. Doug :: awful cartoon
  6. Collar :: bell
  7. Squirrel :: "and they were married..." (we totes just watched Office Space)
  8. Chinese :: food
  9. Tracker :: gps
  10. Apartment :: highrise
Now is time for watching Goodfellas, working on that scarf (good thing I find fisherman's rib so incredibly soothing, this scarf has been stressful), and farmville. ALWAYS FARMVILLE. *addict*

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