Thursday, 31 December 2009

Half Nekkid New Year's Eve

I've only done a couple this year so I thought I'd go with my favorite theme of mine from the ones I HAVE posted & bring up my adoration of my freckles again but with a new pic. I'm glad my freckles last even into the dead of a grey British winter, though they do get FAR more.... zealous in the summer... After a good long day in the sun they can start to overlap and make me look near-leprous. :DDD When I was little my mommy called them my cinnamon sugar sprinkles & my beloved 1st grade teacher called them my sunkisses.

That's my offical HNT today but I took these last night when I was bored & couldn't sleep and I love them, so they're getting thrown into the mix:

Damn, I'm a dork.

Also when I was bored & insomnia-ridden I sewed my T-Rex button onto the EPIC HAT OF EPIC PINKNESS AND EPIC FLUFF that I scored for £3 at Claire's.

I win hats forever.

1 comment:

  1. Your freckles are gorgeous! Happy New Year :)

    xx Dee