Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I have been in one.
What The Hell Wednesday.

TV crap
  1. Omg tiger woods was in an accident…what do you think? Couldn't give any less of a shit.
  2. Coke or Pepsi? post your favorite commercial: Coke, obvs. I'm from Atlanta. THERE IS ONLY COKE.
  3. What is your favorite Christmas show you can watch over and over again? The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It's... special. :)
  4. Man got arrested for throwing a tomato at Sarah palin…what do you think? Arrested? For THAT? She's lucky nobody's taking pot shots.
Finish the sentence
  1. I will never forget…....that one thing... that time.... yeah, when... you know, those people... with the stuff?
  2. If I only had a … *sings* Brain... A Heart... A Home... The Noive!
  3. Life is full of… Fraiser reruns.
  4. You might be a…secret mayor.
Holiday madness
  1. What is one thing you hope Santa leaves under the tree for you? A buttload of yarn.
  2. Do you have holiday cheer or are you scrooge? I HAVE SO MUCH OF THE CHEER THIS YEAR!!!! Even my badplaceness is not affecting my love of Xmas.
  3. What Christmas carol if you heard one more time makes you want to poke your ear drums out? I don't know, it's some stupid song in a commercial over here for a department store or a car or some shit about how we fell in love in the winter and then rhymes "down by the fireplace" and "embrace" or something.
  4. Real or fake tree? Real. Even though I'm allergic. I'll gladly stuff myself full of Benadryl for the importance of having a real tree.
Last but not least..
  1. Name a song that gets stuck in your head or post a video clip of that song: That stupid one I just mentioned up there. I don't wanna go looking for the ad, I like not knowing what it's for.


  1. Agreed.

    Esp. to item no. 1.

    And abbr. I'm liking periods today. Apparently.

  2. That would be the punctuation, not the bodily function.

    Also apparently liking words that have "unct" and "tion." Go figs.

  3. The Charlie Brown Christmas special is one of my favorites.