Sunday, 22 February 2009

"We're all watching!"

Ohhh, yeah, that helps. :P Puts the fear of god into me, more like.
I'm really happy that it's Oscar day. We take Oscar day really seriously in our house. Since it's on at stupid-o'clock-in-the-morning here, Owen takes the next day off. Really all I care about this year, besides whose dress is fugs and that Tilda Swinton PLEASE fucking slap on just a leetle mascara, is that Heath Ledger win. That's all, that will make me a happy woman for a whole 'nother year. Living in England has seriously fucked up my Oscar enjoyment, as we get movies SO late here. Being poor also doesn't help.
I slept very late today so I could hack the Oscars tonight.
Today I will probably work on my Dream Swatch Headwrap. It's getting really pretty. Maybe I'll take pictures later.
HOLYSHIT they're talking about my college on QI. About this. I had some of my favorite Doyle classes directly across the hall from that shit. Stephen Fry just fucking talked about my tiny little college. I WIN. We also have an elephant under the library.

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