Monday, 16 February 2009

I don't know.

So, I started this with a whole 'nother thing in mind, but that was epic fail, so I figured - why not just use it as a blog that nobody will really ever read? There's some solace in that, really. I recently gave up pretty much cold turkey on my lj/djs that I'd had some of for nearly 10 years. But maybe I should be sticking my thoughts out there in longer than twitter form sometimes. I don't know. I'm also trying to be more consistent about writing in my real diary. It has a mermaid, too. And a green pen.
Here I be.
I am working on my first (besides my own) LSG traveling scarf section. It arrived from Canada today. I'm doing my first actual, earnest attempt at lace. Overreaching myself. Gettin' uppity with the knittin'.
So yeah, knitting to an E! show about celebrity plastic surgery. They're talking about Axl now. Sigh.
I feel pretty useless lately. But I won't go on about that right now.
I don't understand Flickr very well, I gotta say. I want to put pics in the LSG traveling scarves photo pool stream group wtf? thing.... and I did. My boobs are back on teh intarwebs where they belong, srsly. It's been too long. But I dunno if I have everything set right so's I don't get kicked off flickr and have skeevystrangers seeing my bewbs. Which, ironically, was kind of the point of them being on the internet before. But I was cool back then. Now I'm a lame housewife..... so.... Yeah. I need to get back to mah knittin'. And eventually play some Animal Crossing.

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  1. Hey! Add me on flickr, I have like.. one flickr friend and I would love for it to be even MORE of a drain on my free time :P Search GoetheGamine in the people tab and you'll find me. <3

    This whole traveling scarf thing sounds awesome.. did I miss the memo? Is it too late?