Monday, 23 February 2009

My tongue is epic.

Someone over in LSG just mentioned being able to tie a cherry stem with one's tongue. I can double knot often, and have tripled once or twice on an especially worthy stem. My tongue is a MONSTAR TONGUE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, you see.

I have thought about getting it pierced for over a decade, but think I would probably just end up chipping my teeth, I have really weak enamel.

I would dearly love to get it split, but Hub says NO. It would squick him out too bad, apparently. But he does say he wouldn't leave me if I did. Maybe I can talk him around one day.

Also, I can touch it to my nose:
This is a pretty good party trick as well, though I don't go to parties, so it's kind of pointless. Also it leaves the tip of your nose all spitty and your chin and bottom lip look all stupid. Not a sexy look, all in all.

It tastes things really well, it's perfectly functional for talking. But sometimes I wish I had a cute little sexy tongue. You know, like those little bitty pointy hot pink affairs some girls are always saucily sticking out at people.

If I do that, it just looks like that something that's been infesting my skull has grown to maturity and is trying to escape.

I also have really pointy teeth. All of them, all the way back, are pointy and sharp.

Thus ends my blogging of my tongue. Thank you. I'll be here all week, please tip your waiter, and try the veal.

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