Friday, 5 March 2010

Not BPAL of the day: Gloaming

Ba-dum-CHING! Jessica who sent me this imp dug and found that this wasn't even BPAL, it's Haunt!  Awesomesauce!!!

I can hardly find anything about this online. Weird. Here's what it apparently used to say about it on the website when it was on the website:

Gloaming -- the time of day when the quickly darkening landscape meets with a glowing, ember sky. vanilla, dark patchouli, amber, mandarin orange and red clove.

This smells like Christmas.

It pretty much smells exactly like the description would lead you to imagine.... that almost never happens on me! But it does do that wonderful thing like Ephemera did where it smells entirely different on my wrists, in my inner elbows, on my neck, and in my cleavage. Different notes come out different places and I love that. I just really hope it sticks around longer than Ephemera. That left far too quickly.

Edited, a little later:
Call me a dirty hippie, but as this dries down the patchouli comes out more and more and makes this really special.

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