Sunday, 5 April 2009

One of *THOSE* blog posts.


Suck on it.

This is Tessy chillaxing in the sun.

Tessy saying "WHAT? What're you doing? Mommy? I'm chillaxing."


Yeah, it's sideways. Suck on that, too. That's just how I roll.

So. Lately I have lost my crafting mojo. I've been doing a little bit here and there on various things. Rainbow acrylic things and nicer things and cable things and crochet things and new things and old things... But I haven't been able to stick to any one thing. I totally rocked the next LSG traveling scarf section, that was rad. I did OMG GOAT CABLES. So when I have my mojo back for a whole project, that's definitely getting worked into something for myself. I started crocheting my first sweater awhile ago, and thanks to Mimi I have the yarn for my first knitted one, but golly.... intimidated. Also I have some beautiful beads I won from Foxy Findings on Twitter, but yeah. Craft mojo gone-gone. Which sounds weird if you could actually see me lately as I am always knitting or crocheting or something, but I just can't stick to any one thing for too long and I can't bring myself to pull out any serious projects at the moment.
It could have something to do with a combo of upping the dosage of my antidepressants and the start of allergy season. I don't feel great, but nothing will actually break into proper sickness so I can get over it, you know?

Oooh, also I love Plurk.

I apologize for having NOTHING OF INTEREST to say. Really. I just felt I should say something over here. I don't even know.

So. Are Brad and Angelina breaking up? What do you think?


I did actually get a new wedding ring Friday. My original one has a bit of a sad saga, really.

We got married, had a gorgeous honeymoon roadtrip to the Grand Canyon, and then Owen had to go back to England, and I couldn't until my visa stuff got processed. It was the suckiest couple weeks ever, basically. A few days after he left, my BRAND NEW wedding ring lost a diamond. Little newlywed, all alone, living with her parents, husband on the other side of the world... and I have to take off my ring for another week or so while it gets repaired. IT IS VERY SAD. I had a necklace my dad's stepmom had given me when I was a little bitty girl that had a diamond of exactly the right size, so that was nice.

A year or so goes by, I'm ensconced safely and legally in England, and another diamond falls out. We totally got it fixed. It didn't cost very much, but it was no nicer not having my ring during the repair, so the day we took it in, we stopped at Claire's and got a little braided band with rhinestones as a place holder. It almost immediately turned my finger both green AND red, and also itchy. Sigh.

So nearly another year later, the last diamond fell out.

We took it back to the same jeweler that had replaced the second stone, and they said NOPE. Sorry, it's completely unfixable.
The ring itself had cracked the whole way up one side, all the way through at the setting where it was really thin. A write-off. Unless we somehow won the lottery and could get it melted down and reformed into a whole new ring. But that's for someday in the future when we're not po'.

So my wonderful husband took Friday off work and took me jewelry shopping. The first ring we looked at was the one. I knew this, he knew this, but we still trawled all over town just in case. It's much sturdier, and only has one stone that's set flush with the band. It's so pretty and will be better for me, as I am apparently DESTRUCTOR.

One of the things about the original was that it was way too big. We were gonna get it resized while it was being repaired. The engagement ring, which is just barely smaller, was holding it on. That didn't work so well with a wider band. I was really afraid my engagement ring would fall off, so for now they're upside down. I think the square settings look amazing together. I dunno, I'm really happy with it. And I have the most lovely husband ever.

We still haven't heard back from the IVF people. My GP gave me the number for a direct line to the fertility dude's secretary, so tomorrow I'm gonna call. It's out of his hands right now, though, but maybe he can give me an idea of who to contact next. So yeah. I really don't have much news. I haven't made anything, I'm not pregnant.... I'm doing some laundry and watching old episodes of Ellen. Owen's making us some burgers. Tess is back asleep upstairs in the sun after the molestation. Basically, it's Sunday afternoon as it should be.


  1. I love your wedding ring. I have been married for 5 years and don't have a proper wedding set. My husband doesn't have a ring. It's not that we can't afford it, really... we're just lazy as hell and haven't gotten around to it. I looove yours. Oh yeah. I already said that. I hope you hear from the IVF peoples soon, hon. :)

  2. funny that what my mom called me when I was the destructor are we related? you cat is soo cute and good luck with IVF people and oh by the way Brad and Angie have new competion her name is Octo mom I kid you not shes so trying to be like them except with out Brad :)