Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Navel Gazing.

So, I got my hair cut today, just the sides of the 'hawk clippered down to 2, and about half an inch taken off each side of it to make it a little thinner. Textured on top a bit... nothing much.

I love it, as usual. The salon here is so cute and the girls are all really sweet.
So I got home and took a couple pictures of it.

After looking at them, I made Owen take a couple outside when we went to get some Cokes.

After looking at them I went upstairs and had a good look in the mirror.

I like what I see there, mostly. Aside from this fading pms breakout, I am fairly happy with what I see when I look in the mirror.
It's a shame there's never been a picture of me that looks like that.

So I got all gloomy and sat on the stairs for awhile and took some pictures straight on with no particular expression, trying to get what I see in the mirror.

One of them I made prettier with contrast.

One of them I didn't.

Neither of them looks like me. Or like what I see in the mirror. Something that has always kind of made me feel weird is that I really have no mental image of myself. I really, really don't. If called upon to make a picture of myself in my imagination, I can't. I do not know what I look like, inside. If that makes any sense. But pictures of me are so wildly different from how I actually see myself (in a proper, visual sense) and they make me feel like maybe I do have some subconscious picture of myself that I can't see (in an imaginary, mental-imagery sense) and I find that frustrating. I just wish I knew what I looked like. Really.

And to fulfill the promise of the subject line:
Complete with camera strap.


  1. your hair looks great I love it the first one of you outside look so cute and is navel upside down?

  2. looking lovely as usual, p.a.!

  3. adooore your hair! thanks for sharing xoxo