Friday, 6 March 2009

Twitter is evil.

Today I have had the changes-from-the-book/ending of the Watchmen movie *AND* the season of America's Next Top Model that is currently on in the UK spoiled for me via Twitter.
I am deeply, deeply upset about this.
People need to think.

Also I got my second LSG traveling scarf.
I used a pattern from my new book which I was LSG-RAK-ed, Ocean Breezes: Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea. Is called Mermaid Mesh, and I love it madly and want to make a whole scarf of it sometime, but the yarn I used is a tail-end of one ball I had and is so nice that I am spoiled and wouldn't like the pattern in anything crappy, which is all I actually have.

I'm also doing another one from that book just for myself called Ocean Currents. It's also incredibly gorgeous and looks nice in cheap yarn, which is a TOTAL plus.


  1. They are both lovely stitch patterns. I ogle your knitting because I don't have time to knit anymore.

  2. Beaaaaaaautiful.

    Fuck. Top model makes me want to never eat again. The neat photo shoots are worth it though.